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New Friends - Halcyon

This story was originally posted on E-lit board by HALCYON. 

It was September, School had just started and I was going to be in for a hell of a senior year. I guess I should start from the beginning. 

My name is Hunter Michel, yeah, great first name, shame about the last one right? 

Well there wasn’t much I could do about it but having a girl’s first name for a last one never really mattered too much back in Oz. Did I mention that’s where I came from? Well, I did. 

My Dad just got a job in Orange County, some big promotion from the company he worked at, my sister and I had begged him not to take it, told him that we didn’t care about being rich- But you see my dad had come from nothing and he wanted to leave us a good base. I know he was thinking about us and my Mom when he did it, but man was it a tough thing to leave my friends and my last year of school and move off to America. 

I’d never really been a fan of the ‘Land of the Free.’ I’d been here on holidays before and to a few other places around the world and I would have been more than happy to just stay in Australia for my college and school days. 

We had just moved in to our new place by the beach, I think that was the only thing that had got me off the chair I had decided to rivet myself too when dad told us we were moving. I love the water, it’s not a love, it’s an obsession, diving, snorkelling, swimming, surfing pretty much anything by the sea was enough for me. 

Everyone said I was born part fish but that’s not what the story is about right now so I’ll leave it for later. What is happening right now is my first day of school. 

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